Hiring and Leasing of Machinery

Purchasing construction equipment can be costly. When you’ve got a big job to do, spending money to add to your fleet of construction vehicles and other equipment can also be time-consuming. On the other hand, renting can be fast and easy. These types of equipment are the perfect rental option to get your next project started as quickly as possible.



    Excavators can be used in a wide variety of different earth moving and construction projects. You can benefit from renting an excavator if you are performing the following tasks:

    If you have a smaller construction task, a mini-excavator may be the right choice for you. Mini-excavators are easy to get on-site and have a lighter footprint on both commercial and residential land.


    Forklifts and Reach Forks

      Commonly used for heavy lifting and loading, forklifts and reach forks are two of the most commonly used types of construction equipment and are the perfect tool to rent. The most popular types of forklifts and reach forks may include the following:

      • Side loaders
      • Warehouse forklifts
      • Counterbalance forklift
      • Telehandler
      • Industrial forklift
      • Pallet jack
      • Order pickers
      • Rough terrain forklift
      • Walkie stacker

      High Reach Equipment

        From multi-story buildings to high ceiling commercial property, high reach equipment is essential if you want to get the job done safely and effectively. Common types of high reach equipment for rent may include:

        • Scissor lifts
        • Rough terrain scissor lifts
        • Boom lifts
        • Towable boom lifts
        • Articulated knuckle booms
        • Telescopic boom lift
        • Atrium lifts
        • Personnel lifts
        • Aerial lifts

        Skid Steers

          If you have a larger construction project that would need a variety of different equipment, but your budget will only allow for one, skid steers could be your most cost-effective solution. With many features that can do a variety of tasks, consider renting a skid steer if you are doing the following:

          • Brush clearing
          • Site cleanup
          • Construction
          • Demolition
          • Excavation
          • Farming
          • Road construction and maintenance
          • Snow removal

          Residential Equipment


          Being a contractor doesn’t mean you only need the “biggest and baddest” construction equipment. If you have a residential customer, there are certain smaller tools that you may need to get the job done with precision. Renting tools for plumbing, landscaping, moving and other projects can be a cost-effective way to complete your project. For example, if you have a one-off project in which you need a dehumidifier, why purchase it outright? Here’s a list of residential equipment that is among the most common to rent:

          • Generators
          • Light towers
          • Plumbing snakes
          • Utility trailers
          • Dump trailers
          • Insulation vacuum
          • Paint sprayers
          • Concrete planers
          • Single-handed surface grinders
          • Dual head surface
          • Floor polisher
          • Tile stripper
          • Tile saw
          • Rollers
          • Air tools
          • Lawn and Garden equipment
          • Water trucks
          • Power tools
          • Rotary electric hammer
          • Concrete mixers
          • Pressure washers
          • Sump pumps
          • Trash pumps
          • Dehumidifiers

          Other Benefits of Renting Construction Equipment

            Many contractors find that renting construction equipment gets their projects done faster and without the hassle of hefty monthly payments. Before you start your next construction job, here are some reasons you might want to consider renting:

            • Save on equipment maintenance
            • Save on storage costs
            • Expand your construction fleet at a moment’s notice
            • Get the latest and newest models of construction equipment
            • Equipment reliability and availability in a pinch

            Our team at NITANTA CONSTRUCTION PVT. LTD. have all the tools and construction equipment you need to get your toughest jobs off to a great start. Our professionals will ask all the right questions to ensure you walk away with the proper equipment as well as providing you with great customer service.